Design / Build


Bowers Design Build believes strongly in the Design/Build system and has proven through hundreds of happy clients that it works extremely well. Design build construction can bring many benefits to you as a homeowner. Design build focuses on bringing design and construction professionals under one roof to collaborate on your specific project. This project delivery system eliminates schedule delays and budget over runs while allowing quality control and reduced homeowner managerial involvement. Homeowners will find that the design build project delivery system is more beneficial than the traditional design-bid-build methods. Design build benefits include:

IMPROVED COMMUNICATIONS: Since the design parameters and budgetary goals of a project are being developed simultaneously it eliminates the risk of designing a plan that the homeowner can’t afford or doesn’t want to invest in.

INCREASED RESPONSIBILITY: Because Bowers Design/Build is a fully integrated company with architects, interior designers, estimators and construction professionals, we provide the client with one entity to answer any questions or concerns. It eliminates typical problems that arise between architects and general contractors ensuring everyone is on the same page.

ONE POINT OF CONTACT: The amount of time homeowners spend being involved in a project is reduced because they are able to manage all of the design and construction questions with one source. Instead of back and forth communication between the architect/owner and owner/contractor it is now streamlined to a single point of contact.

VALUE BASED FEEDBACK SYSTEM: The design builder and the homeowner can now work together to establish what methods and materials will amplify the owner’s value. Once the budget is set, over runs rarely occur and are typically due to change orders implemented by the homeowner. Because designers and construction professionals work together within the same company it makes is much easier to stay within the project’s budget.

QUALITY: High quality design and construction is the desire of every client. With this process it ensures quality due to effective and efficient collaboration between the architect and construction team. This results in the production of a design that is both eye-catching and economically viable.

BUDGETING: When the budget is determined in the early stages of design development it allows a smooth transition between each stage of design and construction. A cost-effective design is now easier to obtain because the architect has access to construction pricing and information during the design phase.

FAST DELIVERY: With all aspects of the projects now streamlined through one point of contact it allows projects to be completed much more quickly and efficiently compared to the traditional design-bid-build method.