Bowers’ Ideal Customer Experience Model


    Getting to Know You and Gathering Your Needs: You meet with our President and lead designer, Bruce Bowers. We discuss your ‘wish list’ and talk about how our company can create unique design solutions that create value in your home. In this first visit, we give you a sense for design and construction costs and feasible time frames. If you choose to hire us, we enter into a design agreement. The first step is for you to complete a Bowers Design Survey, which will help you put into words exactly what you are looking to achieve in your renovation project.


    Design Options: Our in-house architectural staff collaborates with you to create and refine a design that is right for you and within your target budget. We specialize in designing to accentuate the way you live and our clients find our creations both beautiful, and unique and functional.


    Final Design, Budget, and Timeline: At this point, we’ve created the ideal design, budget and timeline for you. We’ve begun to help you select the products you will have in your home with the help of our decorating and product selection specialists. We package all the detailed information into a construction contract that we review and approve together.

Design phase timing is 4-12 months, depending on project size.

    Pre-Construction Meeting: Before construction begins, we meet again to review the schedule and any special needs that you may have. We introduce you to your personal site manager, who will be on-site managing your project, everyday, through out the construction process.


    Construction Phase: We are ready to build! Your site manager will be busy managing all the details of building your project. However, he is always available to meet with you daily to answer any questions you may have and give you an update on our progress. And, don’t worry about the dust and dirt, we’ll contain the dirt as best as possible and clean the site everyday to contain the mess and keep it safe.


    Post Construction: Your project is complete and it is beautiful! However, after construction is completed, we will walk through your project together. Any questions or concerns you have will be answered expeditiously.


    Post Construction Feedback: After the project is done, we will collect feedback from you on how we met your overall needs and how we could have done an even better job. This customer satisfaction “survey” is critical to helping us maintain our reputation for being named one of the top remodelers in the country for excellence in customer satisfaction. And, we will be there for you long after your project is complete. You are a customer for life.

Construction takes 4-12 months, depending on project size.
  • In the end, we will do everything possible to make sure you have the Ideal Customer Experience and enjoy your new customized home. You have our commitment!