Customers have come to know us for our complete turn-key design/build process and tend to think of us as the company for large renovations.  While we do excel at large, complicated renovations, our competency for doing smaller projects is exemplary as well.  As always, our promise is to do any size project for our valued former clients.  For new clients, if our work load permits, we perform small projects when we have gaps in our larger project schedules.  Small project clients get the same great design and construction service, but we do ask for some flexibility on project start timing.  Our small projects process is to design the project, select the products necessary to complete the construction (lighting, siding, plumbing, etc.) and have the project “sitting on the shelf” ready to be built. Then, we give our small project client 2-3 weeks- notice for the specific date we will start construction of the project.  Small project clients have the option to schedule the work at that time or delay until the next schedule opening.  Once we start construction, we work every day to complete the project in the timeline promised and offer the same guarantees on our work as our larger projects.  Our small project clients find tremendous value in the comfort that they get the same great Bowers Design Build quality on smaller projects.

Here are some of the types of small projects we’ve done for clients in the past:

Powder Room or Hall Bathroom renovations

Screened porches and decks

Front porches

Small Basement renovations

Small “bump out” additions to add a little more space to a room

Filling in the two story foyer

Removing a wall between the kitchen and family room

We approach these small projects in the same way we approach large projects.  We customize the work for each unique client and make sure that the space is functional, beautiful and the project well-managed.