“What More Can I Do Today to Make the Client Happy?”

All Bowers field employees and vendors must abide by our Team Rules as promised to our customers. These rules include the following:

  1. SAFETY PROCEDURES: All work areas will be safe at all times, both during and after work hours. It is each employee’s responsibility to keep all tools, ladders, and materials organized and stored/used in a safe manner. Work sites must be kept safe for all employees, as well as for the customer.
  2. CUSTOMER SERVICE: It is Bowers’ goal to provide exceptional customer service. If at any time a customer has a question or concern, any Bowers employee can help. If at any time the first employee cannot help the customer immediately, he/she should call the Bowers office to seek assistance as soon as possible. Any question or concern will be addressed within four business hours.
  3. PROTECTION OF CUSTOMER PROPERTY: All customer possessions, including floors, counter tops, fixtures, furniture, etc. are to be protected from workers foot traffic, use of tools, and dust generation during the course of work. Clean tarps are to be used and maintained.
  4. JOB CLEAN-UP POLICY: One of the ways Bowers differentiates itself from our competitors is to leave the job site clean every day. Every job will be vacuumed or mopped to remove dust or dirt in any living space caused by our work on a daily basis. Disposal of all debris will be placed in trashcans or dumpsters daily. Lumber will be stacked in a neat and orderly fashion daily. It is every field employee’s responsibility to meet this requirement daily before leaving the job. The project manager is ultimately accountable to inspect the job at the end of each day. If the project manager is unable to perform this task, he will delegate to one of the team members.
  5. USE OF CUSTOMER PROPERTY: Bowers employees will not use anything belonging to the customer, unless given specific prior permission from the customer. This includes rest rooms (Bowers will provide use of rest room facilities if the customer premises are inaccessible), radios, vacuum cleaners, towels, stepladders, tools, extension cords, etc.
  6. PERSONAL APPEARANCE: Each employee will be provided with company tee shirts in the warmer weather and company sweatshirts in the cold weather. These clothes help the homeowner and subcontractors identify Bowers employees. It also ensures that the Bowers employee look as presentable as possible for the work we perform.
  7. USE OF RADIOS: Use of a radio or any music device at a customer’s premises is a privilege. Permission to use a music device must be granted by the customer. If permission is granted, the music must be played so that it is only audible to the employees within a few feet so that it is not disruptive to the home owner or his/her neighbors.
  8. SMOKING: Bowers has a no smoking policy in its office. Smoking is permitted outside only. Smoking is never permitted in a customer’s home, even if the customer is a smoker. Cigarette butts will be disposed of properly in an appropriate container and not left in the customer’s yard or anywhere on his/her property.
  9. PROFANITY: Use of any profane language or gestures will not be tolerated on any Bowers job site, at any time.
  10. HARASSMENT: Bowers will not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind.