New Homes

Most people think of us as a company specializing in remodeling and to a degree… this is true. Clients have counted on us for more than 25 years to help them make their current homes more usable and better looking.

NEW HOMES ARE A PIECE OF CAKE FOR US: Redesigning and remodeling existing space is much more complicated than new home design and construction and is not for the inexperienced designer or builder. But the fact that we are so superior in our renovation work makes us the perfect new home builder. We have garnered quite a bit of work renovating homes that are less than five years old. Sometimes we wonder what the new home architect and builder were thinking creating spaces that simply don’t work for today’s families. They may look pretty, but they simple don’t work.

DO IT RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING: New Home Design and Construction allows you to start with a clean slate. We purposely do not have two or three different house plans to pick from. Generic plans are the reason homeowners have to hire us after the fact to renovate the home to customize it to their specific needs. People are unique and require unique design solutions.

CUSTOMIZATION: We start with our proprietary design survey that asks questions about your lifestyle… how do you work, play, live and entertain. We take that key data along with your wish list and architectural style preferences and create floor plans and home elevations that meet all your needs.

REDUCED RISK: Because we estimate the costs of building the new home while we design; we can reduce the risk that you are spending time and money designing a project that you cannot afford to build.

SINGLE POINT OF ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ALL ASPECTS OF CONSTRUCTION: We accept total accountability so that you can relax and enjoy the process of seeing your new home come to life. We do not believe in making the homeowner accountable for tasks that should be done by construction professionals. You’ll notice some of our competitors advertising says does not include site work, demolition… etc. This makes no sense to us. If they claim it will save you money to do it yourself and not pay us to do it… we say time is money and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it will cost you. If you have lots of time to manage a construction project yourself and want to do that to save money, there are lots of builders out there who would love to work with you. If you’re heavily involved, they don’t need to be accountable. We believe that you are hiring us to be the industry professional and handle all aspects of construction, from start to finish. This is what we have done for 25+ years and why our clients have such a great, headache free, experience with us.

EXPERIENCE COUNTS: In the 1980s, Bruce Bowers was the construction manager for hundreds of new homes before starting Bowers Design Build in 1990. The renovation market in the 1990s begged for professional ism and we delivered. Since then, we have built many new homes at specific homeowner requests. Customers hire us for new home design and construction because they want creative, unique design solutions and total end to end accountability for the construction process. Our new home clients have been extremely glad they hired us and that is very gratifying.

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